How To Strengthen Your Maryland Medical Malpractice Case By Using An Expert Witness

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Ensure that you’re properly prepared for your “Battle of the Experts”

Most medical malpractice cases require that a Plaintiff (i.e., the injured person) establish that the negligent doctor breached the standard of care.  A Plaintiff will typically establish a breach in the standard of care through the use of an expert witness.  Likewise, the defense will use an expert witness to argue that it acted in accordance with the standard of care.  In short, medical malpractice cases are often more complicated than they initially appear. One has to be careful to retain an expert witness that has appropriate credentials, but also can explain his or her opinions to a judge or jury that may not be versed in medical jargon.  

Medical malpractice cases are often reduced to one expert weighing in against another.  Being faced with deciding the fate of a Plaintiff after hearing competing, expert opinions can be a daunting task for a jury.  Given the jury’s weighing of expert opinion, it is imperative that you hire the right expert for your case.  Henderson Law is frequently called upon to vet retain experts for its clients’ cases. Strengthen your case and inspire confidence in the sitting jury by trusting Henderson Law to find the right expert witness for you. By gathering ample evidence and presenting your case in a strong manner, Henderson Law can help you obtain the justice you deserve. 

How an Expert Witness can Strengthen Your Case

Henderson Law will help you retain a Medical Expert Witness that will not only meet the statutory criteria to qualify as a medical expert, but will also be able to provide a persuasive argument that will help you win your case. In many medical malpractice cases, the process becomes rudimentary and stale. It follows a formulaic trajectory that looks similar to this:

The medical expert of the plaintiff will testify that the standard of care was not met, and the defendant’s expert will testify that it was. There will be back and forth, and evidence will potentially be shown, and ultimately, the jury will settle on whoever was more persuasive.

Due to the nature of these stalemates, the outcome often rests on the charisma of the Expert Witness. Many expert witnesses carry sufficient academic credentials or qualify as an expert under the statutes of the state – however, if they do not come across as credible or appealing to the jury, it is difficult to advance their case. A Henderson Law approved Expert Witness will go through a rigorous vetting process, ultimately determining that their personality, expertise, and professionalism align with you and your specific needs. 

The accumulated experience of a seasoned medical malpractice attorney is crucial in the ultimate verdict of a medical malpractice case. If a medical professional is qualified to testify as an expert witness, they will be able to potentially bolster the strength of the case by demonstrating undeniable academic accreditation, establish powerful credibility, and improve their overall impression to the jury while testifying. These instances can work together to create a coherent and persuasive argument, and often have the ability to make or break a medical malpractice case. 

Henderson Law Wants to Work for You

You are not powerless during this difficult time, and Henderson Law strives to provide you with everything that you need to attain compensation for your struggle. With over 30 years of combined legal experience and a strong portfolio of proven expertise, the team at Henderson Law is dedicated to protect the rights of medical malpractice victims in Maryland and the surrounding DC area. 

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