4 Ways to Make Your Next Motorcycle Ride as Safe as Possible

two people riding on a motorcycle with buildings in background

Flying on Two Wheels

When you want to break free from your 4-wheeled steel cage and get a taste of the open road, you may turn to a motorcycle. There are few things as exhilarating as these speedy machines, and few things as satisfying when it comes to arriving at your destination in style.

However, motorcycles have received a bad rap due to their susceptibility to danger, and the resulting accidents that can occur when out on the road. Due to the nature of motorcycles, the rider is extremely exposed – making them vulnerable to catastrophic injuries and life-altering accidents. By making yourself aware of the most common types of motorcycle accidents, you can ensure that you lower the odds for personal injury while out on a ride.

Put yourself in a position where you can see the potential for an accident before you find yourself involved in one – by being proactively protective and steering your motorcycle in a manner that puts your safety first, you can drastically lower your risk of injury while out on the open road.

50% of Motorcycle-Vehicle Collisions Occur at or Around Intersections

Approaching an intersection at high speed is never a good idea, whether you’re in a car, a motorcycle, or on foot. There are too many unpredictable factors in and around intersections that can change at an instant, forcing you to make split-decision choices that can potentially put you in danger. The changing of lights, pedestrians in the crosswalk, or even cars running red lights are all factors that you must consider when approaching an intersection – and when you’re on a motorcycle, you do not have the protection of a car to shield you if things go wrong.

When approaching an intersection on a motorcycle, you may encounter cars changing lanes, vehicles pulling out of driveways, or cyclists in the bike lane. These are a small handful of elements that can come into play. Low hanging branches that obscure vision, sunlight creating glare off of your helmet or the road, or dangerous potholes may also make themselves clear to you at the worst possible time. The best way to ensure that you don’t fall prey to these various dangers is to make sure that you’re prioritizing safety at all times. By reducing your speed, maintaining awareness of your surroundings, and familiarizing yourself with the traffic around you, you can react quickly and safely to prevent any unfortunate accidents.

Motorcycles are 27 Times More Likely to be Involved in a Fatal Accident Than Cars

While this statistic shouldn’t dissuade you from riding your motorcycle, it is always important to have in the back of your mind when you are riding one. The federal government has found that those who ride motorcycles are 27 times more likely to die in a vehicle-related accident than those in other types of vehicles. While this may seem like a shocking statistic, it should be anything but surprising. The safety features that are inherently built into a car that often do not exist in a motorcycle. There are typically no seatbelts, airbags, or collision detection systems to prevent accidents and save lives. When you add in distracted drivers, aggressive driving, and negligent behavior on the roads, this statistic begins to make a lot more sense.

However, motorcycle riders can reduce the danger of riding a motorcycle by attending a safety course, practicing defensive patterns when riding, and simply being attentive and cautious while out on the road. More than 90% of people involved in an accident have neglected to take a safety training course, and the outcomes stemming from this can range from inconvenient to tragic.

Almost Half of All Fatal Single-Vehicle Crashes Involve Alcohol

While common sense should prevent this type of accident/behavior from ever occurring, the statistics say otherwise. Unfortunately, drinking and driving is a prevalent factor in lives cut short while out on the road, and you can drastically reduce your chances of being in an accident by never mixing the two. While you may find yourself in a situation that invites this kind of behavior, keep in mind that combining alcohol with driving can end in injury, death, or severely difficult financial hardship. 

When you factor in the other elements of riding a motorcycle with alcohol-impaired decision making and reaction times, the results are going to almost always be disastrous. Your motorcycle can’t protect you if you run into a curb, and your lack of a seatbelt won’t keep you secured to your bike. While a car may provide you with protection from outside elements while out in the world, your motorcycle will not.

You may not be able to ensure that every driver on the road is sober, but by maintaining your sobriety while on your motorcycle, you’ll be able to remain quick-witted and ready for the unpredictable while making your way to your destination. If you are under the influence of alcohol while riding your motorcycle, this may not be the case.

 Wearing a Helmet on Your Motorcycle can Reduce Your Chance of Dying by 37 Percent

It is vitally important that you wear a helmet while operating a motorcycle.

According to a study by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA), motorcycle riders who wear helmets can reduce their chances of dying in an accident by 37%, while preventing traumatic brain injuries by 67%. This kind of statistic speaks for itself. If you’re on the road without a helmet, you are susceptible to life-altering or life-ending devastation whenever you are riding your motorcycle. Additionally, motorcycles are simply less visible on the road to those who drive cars. Motorcycle riders are prone to accidents in any capacity – if you are going to be riding a motorcycle, make sure that you protect yourself by wearing a helmet.

Accidents Happen, and Henderson Law is Here to Help

While this article may supply you with information that you need to take to the roads with safety and confidence, accidents do occur. If you are in an accident through no fault of your own, you may be owed compensation to assist you in rebuilding your life and getting you back on your feet. Henderson Law is here to help motorcycle accident victims determine the responsible party, and hold them responsible and accountable in the court of law. You don’t need to suffer without assistance. The team at Henderson Law can help get you back on your feet, and back out onto the open road.