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Anesthesia is a required agent for surgical and medical procedures. During these treatments, anesthesia is given by an anesthesiologist. It is a highly specialized field of medicine since any medical error can have long-term or fatal effects and opens up the medical team to malpractice litigation. There are many ways healthcare providers can fall short of their duty to maintain a standard of care.

Anesthesia comes in a variety of forms. General anesthesia renders you unconscious while local anesthesia is a numbing agent for a particular area of soft tissue and bone. General anesthesia also stops your brain from receiving pain signals. The fact that it works in the brain makes administering anesthesia as serious as performing the surgery. Anesthesiologists and nurses are required to attend advanced training and maintain certifications. When these types of professionals make a mistake, consequences may be dire.

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The Medical Risks Involved With Anesthesia

You likely recall the medical staff providing you with a list of complications related to surgery including injuries related to the administration of anesthesia. These disclosures were made because anesthesia carries a high risk of injury. If surgeons and anesthesiologists do not make these disclosures, they may be found to have been in breach of the standard of care that was owed to you to ensure that you made informed decisions regarding your treatment.

Cognitive Impairment

While most side effects are minor, some patients exhibit symptoms post-operatively that can last for a lifetime. These types of injuries are more commonly observed in older or immunocompromised patients. The ability to recover from anesthesia is more difficult for these patients. Elderly patients with Parkinson’s disease, a history of stroke, or Alzheimer’s disease are at a much higher risk of permanent injury. The surgeon and anesthesiologist should take these pre-existing conditions into account before putting together your surgical plan.


Hyperthermia is a serious malady that can result in death of the patient. The rapid onset of muscle contractions and fever make it difficult to treat the patient since it is further complicated by rising temperatures. Patients who face double procedures are at greater risk of developing hyperthermia during surgery.

Respiratory Problems

Respiratory problems and failure are another type of high-risk injury that can result from the use of anesthesia. Patients with sleep apnea carry a higher risk of respiratory issues following surgery. There are cases in which patients experience death if the anesthesia causes the throat to close, which can end in lack of oxygen to the brain. The anesthesia is responsible for the prevention of fluids entering your lungs and airways. Anesthesiologists are tasked with protecting or mitigating exposure to both parts. Failure to do so can lead to diminished lung function, pneumonia, infection, or death.

Esophageal Intubation

The anesthesiologist is required to control the flow of air into your body in a safe and effective manner during surgery. He or she uses specific tools and movements in your throat to achieve this goal. However, it is common that the anesthesiology causes damage to your body during this process such as damaging your vocal cords or tearing your esophagus. Both instances are often negligent and life-threatening. Injuries may be compounded by failure to identify or treat the secondary injury in a timely manner.

Hiring a Maryland Anesthesia Malpractice Attorney

Not all anesthesia injuries and deaths are eligible for legal compensation. Sometimes unfortunate incidents happen beyond the control of the medical team. The critical components an anesthesia malpractice lawsuit are proving negligence on behalf of the surgical staff administering your treatment as well as actual damages that you suffered as a result of that negligence.

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