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The biggest threat any driver faces on our roads and highways is large commercial trucks. They have more weight than other vehicles, and are harder to maneuver. They also have large loads that can shift weight or get loose and cause massive damage. If you get into an accident with a semi truck, then you are very likely to end up with devastating injuries, or worse. 

If you have already been a victim of such an accident, then you need competent, knowledgeable, and experienced representation behind you. The truck accident attorneys at Henderson Law are committed to make sure that our clients get the compensation they deserve for their injuries. You will need financial help with your medical bills, rehabilitation, any lost pay, and property damage. As well, you can get compensation for your pain and suffering and to penalize the negligible party.

How a Truck Accident Lawyer in North Bethesda, MD Can Help

You might think that the facts of your case make it simple to show who is at fault. However, that is not always the case, and you can be tripped up at any point of the process if you choose to represent yourself. You will have the best chance at a favorable outcome by hiring an attorney that specializes in truck accident cases. You do not want any mistakes and you don’t want to miss anything important that will end up costing you success. 

Accidents that involve trucks are more complex than an average vehicular collision. For one, the size and weight of the truck and its load can create many different variables during an accident. Plus, it is also harder to delineate who is at fault for the situation. It might be that the driver made a reckless error. It could also be that the trucking company had lax standards that led to the accident. It may also be that the maintenance provider for the truck made a mistake. You need an attorney on your side who will look at all the details to determine who exactly was at fault, and what compensation they should be responsible for. 

If you are not an expert when it comes to truck accidents, then you probably don’t know what details to look for in every situation. Our team will check police reports, talk to witnesses, examine photos and videos, look at maintenance records, and investigate the history of the driver as well. With a detailed investigation we can get to the bottom of your case and fight for the compensation that you need and deserve. 

Negotiating With the Insurance Company After a Truck Accident

If you are in any kind of accident or personal injury situation, insurance companies will need to be involved. Their job is to pay out as little as possible from any claims that result from these situations. Truck accidents tend to have large potential payouts because of the potential for injury and damage. Make no mistake, insurance companies will always prefer to deal with an individual than with an attorney. They have years of experience negotiating, and they understand the ins and outs of every policy, expectation and law that applies to each case. If you are not an expert, then you no doubt face a very steep uphill battle negotiating with an insurance company. 

Henderson Law has attorneys that will help even the playing field for North Bethesda residents. You don’t have to be intimidated or feel disadvantaged by your lack of knowledge of the law. We will make sure that your rights are protected and that any insurance company involved will pay the most possible in compensation to you. 

Liability For a Truck Accident in North Bethesda, MD

Determining liability for a truck accident requires a close examination of the facts. There are several possible culprits in any truck accident case, and an experienced lawyer will be able to ascertain who is at fault and how much they are responsible. The driver of the large truck is very often the target of a claim. They can make mistakes on the road that end up deadly. The shipper that loaded the cargo can also be at fault if they did not do it safely or properly. Loads can shift, causing an imbalance, for example. The company that owns and operates the vehicle may also not have followed acceptable standards for their drivers, and the maintenance provider may have missed something crucial. After a thorough investigation, our attorneys will determine which parties have been negligent and how much they should be paying out in compensation. 

What Can Be Compensated for Truck Accident Victims in North Bethesda, MD? 

If you have suffered severe injuries, then there are way costs for which you could be owed compensation. For example, you will need your medical bills to be covered so that you aren’t possibly paying out of pocket. You may have a long rehabilitation period as well. Many victims have to miss long periods of work because of their injuries, and you can get compensated for your lost wages. During a settlement or a trial, you could be compensated with punitive damages against the negligent parties. If your claim is related to the death of a loved one, then you can file for wrongful death damages as well. Henderson Law can help identify every cost that you need covered, as well as what compensation level will help you move on with your life. 

There is no reason to delay if you have been the victim of a truck accident. Call Henderson Law today for a free consultation and to get the process started. You may be entitled to significant compensation, and you don’t want to miss out because of a missed deadline or the statute of limitations. 

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