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Emergencies rooms across Maryland and Washington, D.C. are chaotic, crowded environments. Doctors and nurses are run to the point of exhaustion on a daily basis. Emergency rooms are breeding grounds for hasty decisions made by a staff spread quite thin. Well-meaning decisions made with haste in the emergency room environment often lead to malpractice claims by injury victims, and rightly so. Negligence is one of the key elements of an emergency room malpractice lawsuit. Where an emergency room doctor or nurse fails to meet the applicable standard of care that is owed to you as a patient, they may have been negligent.

The legal profession is not blind to the difficulties that emergency room staff members experience. However, your medical care team is required to follow a standard of care with every patient interaction and treatment measure. Failing to meet this standard can lead to additional injuries, disability, or loss of life. Emergency room error victims may be entitled to compensation.

At Henderson Law, the caring legal team of Maryland and Washington, DC emergency room error attorneys understand what you are experiencing. The reality that an emergency room error can result in devastating injuries to a client motivates us even more to provide aggressive representation when you need it most in your life. Find out more about how we can serve you in this capacity by scheduling a free consultation. Call our office at (410) 721-1979 or submitting our contact form today.

Emergency Room Error and Legal Liability

You can sustain an emergency room injury at any point during your visit. Therefore, pinpointing the responsible party is difficult. Through discovery and investigation, your Maryland and Washington, D.C. emergency room error attorney will uncover who is liable and in which capacity they serve the hospital. Determining who may be liable for your claims is one of the first steps in pursuing legal action. Under the legal doctrine known as respondeat superior, the hospital may be held responsible for the liability of its employees as well as the actual negligent employee. This may be the case where it can be shown that the hospital had control over the employees who caused the injury, the negligent actions were within the scope of the employees’ employment, and the employees were attempting to act in furtherance of the hospital’s business. However, this vicarious liability often cannot be extended where the doctor or nurse is actually an independent contractor.

It is not uncommon for ER physicians to be employed as contractors. You may still be able to sue the hospital under respondeat superior if the hospital has the same control over its contractors as it does its actual employees. However, the structure of the relationship and situation that occurred may prevent you from pursuing the hospital. Instead, you would pursue the doctor and/or his or her physician’s group. A licensed emergency room attorney can help you determine what to expect from your case. Our group of attorneys is knowledgeable in navigating the complex structures of hospitals, physician’s groups, and their relationships. Clients have come to appreciate this ability since it prevents delay and other issues caused by suing the wrong entity. You can schedule a free, no-obligation consultation by calling our office at (410) 721-1979 or completing a short form here.

Do You Need a Maryland and Washington, D.C. Emergency Room Error Attorney?

Since your visit to the emergency room was caused by another injury, the hospital’s insurance company and medical staff may attempt to shift the focus of your allegations. They might say that your injury was present at the time you arrived. However, any experienced, aggressive attorney knows that there are ways to substantiate your claims while proving that the hospital is incorrect in its assertions. It is intimidating to face this line of fire on your own.

An emergency room error lawyer is well-versed in cutting through the smoke and mirrors. He or she handles these cases on a regular basis and has acquired an advanced medical acumen that can take hospital administrators by surprise. Not to mention, having a lawyer means not having to deal with the hospital or insurance companies. This can be a big help when you are trying to recover.

How to Choose an Emergency Room Error Attorney

While you may not be required to hire an attorney, the importance of having one cannot be overlooked. You are reading these very words because you are aware that hiring a lawyer is critical to your case against the emergency room that caused your injury. However, you might be feeling overwhelmed trying to figure out whom to hire to represent you.

The only advice we can give in this situation is to use the free consultations available. This is an opportunity for an attorney to learn more about your case while interviewing him or her for the job. Work with the firm that seems like a good fit for you and allows you to be in the driver’s seat.

Emergency room error victims have the right to seek legal redress for their injuries and suffering. At Henderson Law, we are eager to hit the ground running for you and your family. You can schedule a free consultation with a Henderson Law attorney where we encourage you to ask questions and share details that are important to you. Call us at (410) 721-1979 or by completing our online contact form to schedule your first meeting. We look forward to meeting you.

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