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Commercial trucks on the road pose a greater threat than any other vehicle. They are big and heavy, and more difficult to control. If your personal car or truck gets in a collision with a semi-truck, then you could end up suffering very severe and catastrophic life-threatening injuries. 

If that happens to you, you will want an experienced and knowledgeable truck accident attorney on your side. Henderson Law has attorneys who have years of experience and will investigate every aspect of your accident to make sure you get the best compensation possible. That means being covered for your medical bills, property damage, rehabilitation, lost wages, and any other losses you might have suffered. 

Working With a Truck Accident Lawyer in Germantown, MD

There is never a guarantee in any personal accident case, even when it might seem open and shut. However, your best chance is always to work with an experienced lawyer who understands the law and court procedures. That way you can ensure that nothing important is missed and you don’t lose your case due to your own lack of experience. 

For example, truck accidents tend to be more complicated than other types of vehicle accidents. Part of that is because there are several possible negligent parties. The operator could be at fault, as could the trucking company itself. Plus, the service that provides maintenance for the truck may have made an error. Our attorneys will investigate every aspect of your case to make sure that nothing is missed. 

You may not even realize what should be checked and considered, but our attorneys do, and they will work on your behalf. Investigation steps include getting police reports, examining video footage and photos, interviewing witnesses, examining maintenance records, and reviewing the driving history of the operator. Through thorough investigation, we can gather all of the facts so that we can better fight for your rights and a fair compensation. 

Insurance Companies and Truck Accidents

Insurance companies are involved in any personal injury case, and truck accidents are no exception. Insurance companies will do whatever they can to lower the compensation that pays out. Since truck accidents tend to involve more damage and more severe injuries, the payouts can be large. They would much rather deal with you than with an attorney, since they have experience negotiating, and have many techniques to convince you to take less than you should. If you aren’t an expert in the laws and regulations around trucking, then you would be at a great disadvantage. 

A Henderson Law attorney can even up the odds for our Germantown clients. They will negotiate with the insurance companies on your behalf and protect your rights every step of the way. If they cannot get a satisfactory result through negotiations with the insurance company, then they will file a lawsuit to get appropriate compensation for you. 

Who is Liable in a Truck Accident?

As mentioned, truck accidents are more complicated than other accidents. A big reason why is that liability can be multifaceted. The most obvious is the driver, who may make a mistake that leads to a collision. However, there are several other possibilities. The shipper may have loaded the cargo improperly, leading to a weight imbalance or to cargo spilling onto the road. The maintenance provider may have missed something. The trucking company may not have appropriate regulations in place for their drivers. Every aspect needs to be examined so that everyone who was negligent can be held accountable. 

Types of Compensation for Truck Accident Victims in Germantown, MD

There are several costs for which you can get compensation if you are the victim of a truck accident. If you require medical care, then you can get money to cover that, as well as rehabilitation costs. Many people have to stop working because of their injuries, and they are not covered by WSIB if they are not on work-related duties. You can also claim for your pain and suffering, and in a trial the judge or jury may award punitive damages against the liable party. An expert attorney from Henderson Law will identify all of the costs and losses you have incurred and make a claim for compensation on your behalf. 

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