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The attorneys at Henderson Law understand that the need to hire a personal injury lawyer is not something that most clients think about until they find themselves in the unfortunate position of being injured. Unfortunately, accidents can happen at any time, and an injury victim needs to know what to do if they are hurt by the negligent actions, or inactions, of another. You may have any number of questions ranging from how to get your medical bills paid to recouping lost wages. The Crofton based attorneys at Henderson Law are available to answer your questions and to assist you with getting the compensation that you deserve. Our Crofton personal injury law firm has a comfortable family environment that fosters the connection we have to you and your challenges.

Most people do not know what is fair compensation for their unfortunate case. As experienced accident lawyers, our team helps folks through their claim and the legal system while getting the best result as quickly as possible.

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What Are Some Common Causes of Personal Injury?

Some of the obvious cases of personal injury are automobile accidents, including car accidentsmotorcycle accidents, or even large truck accidents. This also includes situations where drivers are not being careful, and injure someone, such as opening their door in a bike lane. In each case, the driver operating the automobile did not use the proper care, and his or her negligence caused your injury. You need a great accident lawyer which is also known as a personal injury lawyer.

Some of the other common types of personal injury include:

How Long do You Have to Bring a Personal Injury Claim?

If you have been injured, it is important to determine whether you can bring a claim against the person who injured you. You will need an injury attorney to help you check the statute of limitations of your State. With some exceptions, the general statute of limitations in both Maryland and Washington, D.C. is three years from the time of the injury itself. This means that if you do not bring your personal injury claim within those three years, you will no longer have legal standing to do so. There are also notice requirements that must be met with certain claims that are shorter than three years. This is why it is so important to bring your case to an experienced accident attorney as soon as reasonably possible. The attorneys at Henderson Law will immediately assess any deadlines applicable to your claim.

What You Stand to Gain from Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

An injury stemming from an accident caused by another’s negligence can be incredibly costly. Sometimes you will be unable to work, or sometimes you may need to have surgery or extensive doctor appointments in order to reach maximum medical improvement. Lost wages and medical bills can add up quickly, in addition to the pain and suffering you may already be experiencing. Depending on the severity of the injury, you may even be permanently disfigured. In these cases, you should not be the one to bear the cost of these expenses.

This is yet another reason why it is so important to contact a lawyer; if you bring a case against the defendant for your injury and win, you will likely be awarded damages. These can range from payment for your medical expenses, payment for your lost wages, payment for your future loss of earnings that you will miss due to the injury, to monetary compensation for your pain and suffering. If is the other party’s fault that you were injured, then they should have to compensate you for your losses.

Do You Need a Personal Injury Attorney in Maryland or Washington, D.C.?

Not contacting a Crofton experienced injury attorney as soon as you can will allow the responsible party and their insurance company take advantage of you. We are licensed to practice personal injury law in all of Maryland and Washington, D.C.

If any of these situations has happened to you or someone you know, it might be best for you to contact a personal injury attorney in Crofton. An experienced accident attorney will help you work through what can be a complex case, determining whether you fall within the statute of limitations as well as who exactly is at fault. Contact us at the Crofton Henderson Law office if you live in Maryland or Washington, D.C. Our knowledgeable personal injury attorneys will be happy to discuss your injury claim with you.


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