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Just like physicians, mental health professionals are subject to what’s known as a “standard of care.” This standard of care is the degree of care and skill that would be expected of the average, competent mental health professional in similar circumstances. It is common knowledge that access to adequate therapy and treatment can prevent tragic outcomes. Your psychologist, psychiatrist, and physician are expected to meet the standards that are critical to your well-being.

Deviations and breaches of the standard of care could potentially put you in harm’s way. When a mental health professional does not follow the applicable standard of care, it may be that he or she is behaving negligently. If you have suffered damages related to negligent mental health care, you may be entitled to financial compensation and civil redress. These forms of redress are typically achieved through settlement discussions or by filing a personal injury lawsuit.

It is important to remember that you are not alone during this difficult time. Facing a person in a power position unrepresented is not easy for someone who is already experiencing issues related to mental health and wellness. At Henderson Law, our psychiatric malpractice attorneys are here to help you with the care and understanding you deserve. You do not have to shrink when someone else is wrong. Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation by calling our office at (410) 721-1979 or sending a quick note here for a call back at your convenience. We are truly here for you.

Psychiatric Malpractice to Patients

Psychiatric malpractice may occur when a medical team fails to meet the acceptable standards of care during your treatment. A legal claim for psychiatric malpractice can accrue if there are any worsening symptoms or additional injuries that result from this failure. The anguish and pain of this breach in trust can make mental health symptoms present in unexpected ways.

Not all allegations of psychiatric malpractice can be substantiated. Since mental health issues can be abstract, pinpointing the fault of your claims may be difficult. However, not all hope is lost. Even if your case is more complex, hiring an attorney is the best chance you have in applying legal counsel and representation that works in your favor.

Your Maryland and Washington, D.C. psychiatric malpractice attorney is a critical player in helping you put these pieces together in your case against the care facility. It is a form of malpractice that can take on many disguises. However, your lawyer can help you prove your assertions including:

  • Sexual abuse during therapeutic sessions
  • Emotional and social abuse that run concurrent with threats
  • Abandoning patients at critical points in treatment
  • Withholding prescriptions that you need
  • Not maintaining the medical confidentiality agreement
  • Failing to diagnose or properly treat mental health conditions

It is unbelievable to even think that this occurs in medical treatments, but it happens every day. Henderson Law’s attorneys have collectively been assisting clients throughout Maryland and Washington, D.C. for over 30 years. Contact our office today to learn more about your legal options. Call (410) 721-1979 or complete our contact form today.

Proving Psychiatric Malpractice

Filing a psychiatric malpractice case in Maryland or Washington, D.C. requires the plaintiff to prove that malpractice has occurred. The evidence of your case can take various forms. Some pieces may be more obvious than others. In order to prove that malpractice has occurred and that the psychiatrist is liable to compensate you for it, you will be required to show the following four elements:

  • That your mental health care provider owed you a duty of care. This is usually proven by a showing of a doctor-patient relationship;
  • That your mental health care provider breached the standard of care that was owed to you;
  • That you suffered real and actual damages; and
  • That the harm you suffered was proximately caused by the provider’s breach of the standard of care.

Maryland and Washington, D.C. Psychiatric Malpractice Attorney

Going up against well-funded mental health facilities and doctors insulated from liability is difficult for someone who struggles with psychiatric illnesses and symptoms. It is a vulnerable position for you that could further compromise your well-being. Do not delay in reaching out for help. Our team of psychiatric malpractice attorneys is here to fight for you. We are pleased to offer a free, no-obligation consultation on your terms. The friendly faces of Henderson Law will put your mind at ease from the first interaction. Stop by our office, send us a quick note, or call (410) 721-1979 to schedule a meeting with our firm today.

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