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Representing clients that were injured due to negligence

Many clients don’t realize that they can hold an attorney accountable if they did not provide the legal services they deserved. Attorneys must abide by certain requirements and standards of the field, and if an attorney has not lived up to those standards, then you may be able to file a legal malpractice claim against them. 

Being a lawyer means being a part of a trusted profession, such as doctor or accountant. You need to be able to trust the services and guidance you are given, and get some compensation if you are not. If you think that the actions of a past attorney affected the outcome of your case, then you may be able to seek that compensation. At Henderson Law in Gaithersburg, MD, we have a team of experts ready and willing to take on your case and fight for your rights. 

Claiming Legal Malpractice in Maryland

Certain standards must be met in order to make a legal malpractice claim in Maryland. There are 3 prime considerations. They are: 

  1. The attorney was actually hired by the client
  2. The attorney did not perform their duties up to the standards of their profession
  3. The client suffered a loss because of this negligence

Because the law is complex, many legal malpractice claims are not simple. They involve many factors and require deep investigation into what actually happened. While there is a standard for what a reasonable attorney should do in any given situation, it can be tricky when every case is different. It’s also tricky to determine that you would not have suffered those losses anyway, even if the lawyer had provided competent services. In fact, it is most often the hardest thing to prove in a legal malpractice case. 

Legal Malpractice Types in Gaithersburg, MD

There are several scenarios that could lead to a legal malpractice claim. For example, a lawyer may miss a filing date and a case could be rejected due to the statute of limitations. Or, an attorney may not get an expert for a case, or call an obvious witness. These are just a few of the possibly hundreds of situations that could lead to client’s rights to competent representation being violated. 

The lawyers at Henderson Law in Gaithersburg are well-versed in legal malpractice law. They will investigate every aspect of your case to determine if there is a valid claim for malpractice. If so, they will develop a detailed strategy based on the particulars of your case. There are no cookie-cutter cases, which means there are no cookie-cutter solutions. 

The Statute of Limitations for Legal Malpractice Claims in Maryland

There is a three-year statute of limitations for any legal malpractice claims. While there are certain circumstances where you can apply after the statute has passed, it is not something you should risk. It can also be difficult to determine when the actual malpractice occurs. In Maryland, your time starts as soon as a verdict or agreement is made on your case. This applies even if you go on to appeal it. Therefore, do not delay. There is a lot that goes into a legal action, and you want to keep facts fresh in your head. Call Henderson Law immediately if you think that your attorney did not provide you with the best legal representation possible. 


Henderson Law is here to help any Gaithersburg citizens fight back against attorneys who have not represented them appropriately. Contact us today to schedule a no-obligation consultation and to start getting the compensation you deserve.

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