How a Semi Truck Accident Attorney Can Help You

a view of a highway with traffic, looking out from the cab of a semi truck

Accidents with semi trucks aren’t the same as other vehicle collisions. There is much more to worry about at the time of the accident, and more to consider after the fact. There are many ways that a semi truck collision can cause injury or damage, and there are several people involved who may be liable for that accident even if they weren’t on the scene or in a vehicle.

The people who loaded the container could have caused the issue, or whoever did the safety checks, or the trucking company itself. Since they are such massive vehicles, the chances of injury or death during a semi truck accident rise considerably. With so many factors in play, it’s crucial that you contact an experienced semi truck accident attorney for help if you have been in a collision with a semi truck.

Types of Semi Truck Accidents

Because of their size and their nature, there are several ways that a semi truck can cause an accident. There are straightforward collisions, whether they be head-on, rear-end, or broadside. These are the most common types of collisions, and often are the result of losing control, fatigue, or missing signs and stop lights.

One type of collision that is unique to semi trucks is jackknifing. This is when the trailer slips off to the side and slides forward on a right angle with the truck when the driver hits the brakes suddenly. The trailer can hit other vehicles or even structures that are in its way. Rollovers are also especially dangerous with semi trucks, since they are so massive in size. You can also suffer from an underside collision. This is when a vehicle gets lodged under the carriage of a semi truck. Finally, there are accidents caused by the cargo coming loose and spilling out of the trailer. This could cause physical damage or even toxic harm, depending on what the cargo is.

Factors That Come Into Play With a Semi Truck Accident

Trucking Companies Are Hard to Fight

It’s important to remember that getting into an accident with a semi truck means that you often have to deal with a trucking company and their insurance providers. Trucking companies tend to have a lot of resources, and semi trucks are very well insured. In fact, most trucks are insured for at least $1 million. The insurance company attorneys will do whatever they can to protect the driver and the company to avoid paying out such a huge amount. Because of their resources, it is never a good idea for an individual to go through a claims or even court process without an attorney.

There are Several Possibilities for Liability

As opposed to a collision between vehicles owned by individual citizens, where one of them would be at fault, there are several people who may be liable in a semi truck accident. The driver could be at fault for driving recklessly or breaking traffic laws. In many cases, it’s the trucking company itself that has been negligent, whether it’s because of lax safety standards or falsification of driver logs. The company that services the truck may also be at fault if they did not properly maintain the vehicle or missed a safety issue. An experienced attorney will be able to investigate the situation fully to make sure that the responsible parties are held responsible.

There are Several Possible Causes for An Accident

Semi trucks are highly regulated, and failing to follow those regulations can cause disastrous results. Sometimes drivers falsify driving logs, either at the request of their employers, or because they want to get somewhere faster. This can lead to fatigue and mistakes. Companies may also force their drivers to work overtime, or fail to discipline drivers who have shown negligence in the past.

Semi trucks are also more complicated than personal vehicles. There are more parts and components, plus there is the trailer itself to worry about. If these are not maintained properly, then something could fail and cause an accident. When it comes to loads, if they are not secured properly, the contents could land on the road or on other vehicles and cause massive amounts of damage.

Should I Hire a Semi Truck Accident Lawyer?

Since there is so much to consider, it’s always better to have an expert on your side. Semi truck accident attorneys understand all of the laws and regulations surrounding semi trucks that would take an individual a long time to learn. There is a very good chance that if you attempt to argue your case yourself that you will miss something and fail in your pursuits.

The fact is, attorneys are best equipped to handle your case for you. They have an extensive knowledge of the law, and understand its intricacies and subtleties. Not only that, but when it comes to investigating the situation, they have a better understanding of where to look, what to look for, and all of the factors that can cause a semi truck accident. Attorney Wes P. Henderson at Henderson Law has the unique experience of having defended trucking companies and pursuing claims against them.  This unique experience makes him qualified to competently handle your truck accident case.  If you have been injured by a negligent trucking company or its driver, please contact Henderson Law for a consultation.