Common Injuries in Truck Accident Cases

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If there is one thing you can say about truck accidents, it’s that they can be devastating. Serious injuries, deaths, and property damage are almost always the result of an accident with a truck involved. While accidents with passenger vehicles can sometimes cause serious injuries, they do not often compare. Medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation costs, and a decline in quality of life are just some of the issues you might face if you were involved in a truck accident.

If you have suffered from the consequences of a truck accident, it’s best to get a knowledgeable and experienced truck accident attorney on your side. Henderson Law will fight for your rights and work to get you fair compensation for your injuries and suffering. Here are some of the most common injuries you might suffer from a truck accident.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries can be very serious, and result in lifelong pain, discomfort, and even paralysis. These conditions often need robust medical attention, sometimes lasting for the rest of your life. If your spinal cord is damaged, it can lose strength, or you might feel tingling in your extremities. Sometimes it leads to permanent paralysis if your spine suffers certain forms of trauma.

A herniated disc can happen with the impact causing your soft tissue that protects the spine to swell and push against the spine. Other common injuries include compression fractures along the spine, and soft tissue injuries. Your back does a lot of heavy lifting, so if you suffer from an injury, it can negatively impact your quality of life and may cause you to give up activities.


Whiplash is very common in vehicle accidents, and even more common in truck accidents. You can get whiplash if your neck is moving forward with the momentum of your vehicle, and then is suddenly snapped back because of the impact. You often won’t feel any symptoms right away, but they will appear after the adrenaline has worn off and last for a long time. You may find that you have to limit your head movements and undergo treatment for a significant amount of time.

Symptoms can present themselves as pain in the neck, pain in the shoulders, limited range of motion, and dizziness. If you think you are suffering from whiplash, you should get medical attention right away. A doctor will give you advice and guidance for healing, and may prescribe medication for the pain.

Brain Trauma

Brain injuries are frequently the result of a truck accident. You don’t even have to hit your head on anything. Your brain can be damaged from hitting the inside of your skull when your body is jerked around unnaturally. This can often happen in a truck accident when a much larger vehicle gets in a collision with a smaller one. Not even wearing a seat belt can fully protect you from suffering a brain injury if the impact is hard enough.

A traumatic brain injury often occurs when your head impacts a hard surface. One type of brain injury is a concussion. It can happen when your head comes into sharp contact with an object, or when you are jolted in your seats. Another type of injury is subdural hematoma. This is when you get injured, and the blood starts to amass between the skull and the surface of the brain. This compresses your brain tissue, and can cause serious symptoms.

A brain injury can cause physical symptoms, like a headache and nausea, but it can cause other symptoms as well. Your personality might change, you might have mood swings, and you could have memory problems. The brain is very fragile, and if you get an injury, it may cause problems for the rest of your life.

Internal Injuries

Internal injuries are particularly dangerous because you don’t always know that you have them. You won’t have any external signs of an injury, but you could have internal bleeding or damage to an organ. They are commonly caused by blunt force trauma, which can happen during impact or if you are thrown from the car. Your seatbelt can even cause blunt force trauma if the impact is hard enough. A medical professional may be the only way that you ever know you have an internal injury before it’s too late.


Blunt force trauma can also cause fractures. These can be suffered anywhere on the body, and have differing levels of pain and healing times. With a truck accident, fractures can be very common, as the impact is so hard that the body is slammed into the steering wheel or windshield. Your arms and legs are very vulnerable in a truck accident, as are your ribs and facial bones. However, when it comes to truck accidents, any bone can be broken.

Truck Accident Lawyers at Henderson Law

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