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If you’ve been the victim of assault, then it can be traumatizing. Knowing what to do in the moment and beyond can be confusing and frustrating, That’s where the expert attorneys at Henderson Law can help. Our attorneys have years of experience fighting for victims of violent crime and helping them get the compensation they deserve.

The perpetrator going to prison or facing a fine isn’t enough to get your life back on track. You could be injured and unable to work while dealing with mounting medical bills and other costs. If you are in Severn, MD, then call us right away if you’ve been assaulted. We will fight for you every step of the way.

Definition of Assault

The Maryland criminal code considers any intentional physical act to cause injury to another person to be assault. This can be actual physical touchting that causes harm, as well as threatening or attempts to cause physical harm. To be charged with assault, the victim must be able to show that they were either injured or legitimately threatened, and that they had good reason to believe that you would carry through with that threat. There are several levels of assault charges with which you could be charged.

First degree assault covers attempts to cause physical harm, successfully causing physical harm, For an assault to rise to first degree, then the injuries to the plaintiff could be life threatening, permanent, or fatal,

Second degree assault is the category for assaults that are not as serious as those in the category of first degree. However, you may still suffer a loss in your quality of life as a result.


Battery is a type of assault. It involves unwanted physical contact with another person. In many cases, the defendant may not even mean to have harmed anyone. This category is mostly about whether there was consent to the contact. The plaintiff must only show that they did not allow or invite the contact, and that it was harmful in some way. Any contact that invades on the plaintiff’s comfort or dignity can also be considered battery.

Compensation For Assault and Battery

If you are assaulted, then you could be facing a litany of issues due to your injury. You could have medical and rehabilitation costs that are draining your bank account. There are also lost wages and the bills you normally pay. On top of that, you may have suffered from a loss of quality of life due to your injuries. The fact is, your life could have been seriously affected by an assault, and you deserve compensation.

At Henderson Law, you can get that compensation. You need to focus on healing and getting better while we stand in your corner. Contact us today for your free consultation so you can get the compensation you deserve.

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